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So I put the game on narrative mode and replayed from the Cerberus base.

Better. Not perfect, far from, but better. I have to admit I cried a lot at the end. Like a lot a lot.

One thing that made me crazy batty: You use the Kodiak to go planetside. That scene was nice in that you got to see how come your teammates were off planet and (if you brought Shepard's love interest like me) you got to say goodbye (Garrus FINALLY says he loves Shepard back) but half of my brain was going WTF NORMANDY CAN'T LAND WHAT. OK, reality check with Jo and the wiki tells me "the Normandy can't land with ease." So this is actually OK. My bad.

Second, I liked that I could tell the StarChild to go to hell... but that meant I just stood there like an idiot while the galaxy blew itself up around me? :/. I laughed at first and then I admit I felt a bit trolled. Ditto when I shot the StarChild. I did get teary at Liara's archive and I liked that you saved a future cycle. That was almost OK. I just wish Shep hadn't just stood there. It felt a bit like, you know when you pick the wrong choice in a Choose Your Own Adventure book and suddenly you're in a pit full of spiders, dead? That's what it felt like. "OH, clearly the author didn't want me to pick that choice."

But I actually kind of liked it in a way? I liked that you laid the groundwork for the future defeat, even if you didn't do it yourself.

I have to say I MASSIVELY appreciated the better explanations of the Catalyst and the choices, although it convinced me more than ever that Destroy was the only right choice--the only one that would allow your people to actually choose their own path to peace with synthetic life (DUDE, your prime exampe you still don't get to bring up). Homogenizing society doesn't equal peace, sorry. It would just lead to other ways of finding war.

Also they seemed to undermine how bad the Destroy ending was. And then suggest that you could rebuild all your technology... including EDI? Including the Geth? Although EDI was on the roster of the dead :( so I assume you'd only be able to build EDI 2, which wouldn't be the same if you believe in a single soul (but they rebooted/phoenixed Shepard so...). And now they said the Mass Relays were "badly damaged" and not destroyed which... hm.

The slides were ok, and I admit, I got teary at stupid Wrex and Bakara and the fucking baby kroger. OMG BB KROGER. WTF

And I started bawling when Garrus was holding Shepard's nameplate and balking about putting it up. (I got spoilered on that, but it was still fucking moving) Augh. I have to admit, I felt like they retconned how badly the Normandy was damaged a bit. Because I seem to remember her engines being all fucked up and a big hole in her side, but maybe I was remembering wrong. I just remember I was trying to figure out how to write around the Normandy being unsalvageable in Exit Wound and whoops, there she goes taking off!

I swear they had promised a team reunion but I guess not. However, one explanation I read was that nothing they could do would be better than what we imagined, which I actually think is true. FANFIC TIME.

I'm not sure they really explained away how the marooned Dextro troops near Earth didn't run the risk of starving. My own headcanon on that is that Quarian liveships would have the ability to provide food while on the move, and perhaps shared some of that with the Turians. It's still going to take them YEARS to get home on FTL drive alone, and the military ships are going to have issues unless they convert to hydrogen skimmer drives vs. the really hard-to-fuel military thrusters.

I'm also not sure they entirely showed how all your assets came into play but maybe I was not paying close enough attention or maybe they were full of shit on that point.

And. Yeah. Now I really need to write Garrus/femShep reunion fic because I have the massive feels. Nnngh.

Synthesis: I was happy for EDI, but creeped out otherwise. And I definitely get the sense that Bioware wanted you to think that was the good ending. But. It's creepy.

Control: Um, I kind of love it? It's freaky and a little bit warped and sad and scary and yeah. I really do think I liked it.

I think pure characterwise, my Shepard would have ended up doing the Refuse ending. She's huge on peace, but not at the cost of taking a choice away from everyone, and I do not think she believes in homogenizing the universe as a solution to everything. I think she believes strongly in people making their own choices and coming to their own peace.

I think headcanonwise I'll probably end up going with Destroy. Because it seems like the second choice that Shepard would make. I do not think she would trust herself with something like Control; she's never ever shown herself to be that "arrogant" that she believed she could control the Reapers. And I've already stated why she probably wouldn't choose Synthesis. Destroy would sit VERY hard with her should she live after, but she's been reminded over and over that she must sometimes sacrifice the few for the many, and that's the only way the people of the universe will find their own peace. I think she really believes they can, having seen their cooperativeness with EDI and the peace she brokered with the Geth and Quarians.

which I'm still mad that she never mentioned to the catalyst to prove the fucker wrong. Because he was wrong.
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