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I need a cheer up today, plus I'm trying to boost my writing confidence lately; and one thing I've always loved is doing on-demand fics. (See previous fills and prompt posts.) SO! I'm offering once again -- at least 100 words of fic, probably more, to the first six people who give me a pairing or character, and a prompt (can be a list of words, a phrase, a longer scenario, up to you).

It's this or raid kinkmeme. With the prompts I've been interested in lately, you do not want me to do this. Unless you, y'know, have a thing for James Vega getting [rest of this deleted to spare your eyeballs].

Yes I will write pairings I'm normally not into. If you give me a fandom I don't know, I reserve the right to Make Shit Up. I will totally happily write my OCs.

Requests closed! Thanks everyone ♥!

1. firstblush: Kasumi/Jondum Bau (ME3) - To Catch a Thief | Bonus drabble
2. kilodalton: Mickey + Rose, a post-Doomsday blowup (DW) - And Burn
3. pkbitchgirl: Femshep/Eve, a meeting on Earth before the last battle (ME3) - Goodbye and Hello
4. naiad_kitty: Motley Star, a vignette - Quiet
5. lrodell: Pokemon, flying squirrels, baseball caps, family, squishy feelings, red. - The Red Cap
6. the_greathorn: renegade m!Shep/Kaidan, just after Kaidan's come back aboard the Normandy (ME3) - Left of Normal
7. joasakura: Cortez/Vega, James worries that Shepard is a tough act to follow. Steve thinks he's being a boob. - Better Than
8. Bonus: joasakura: Kaidan/mShep, Kaidan knows that he's hurting shep every time he opens his mouth and says something stupid. But he can't stop. (ME3)- (Sub)Conscious)
9. Bonus: firstblush: ME3 MP fic for the lulz - That Which We Call a Rose
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