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Title: Quiet
Fandom: None/Original
Rating: G
Warning: None
Summary: Lin longs for the quiet. For [ profile] naiadkitty.

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Lin missed the quiet moments.

On the Qing Long, they were long and common, and Lin had come to rely on transit time to read a book or take in a triDcast or lose herself in recalibrating various ship's systems. She and Szan often wiled away hours lazily chatting while she busied her hands optimizing servo systems for that slim 0.01% performance improvement.

On the Deepspace Miner, nearly every day had been spent in relative silence. One five-year quiet moment. She had time to read and fiddle and, eventually, too much time to think, and when Szan's call had come, she'd thought herself done with idle time.

But on the Motley Star she rarely had time to catch her breath. With the threat of the raiders and ReechaarKh's slippery political maneuvering; with her unfamiliar, sometimes hostile crew; with Szan's strange new distance; she was always running to keep up, always scrambling and moving and speaking.

She wanted to stop and be still. She wanted to sit, not speaking, next to Szan in the mess, with her bowl of sihaan stew and his a plateful of krisst, their arms just touching. He'd be reading whatever sordid new textual fiction most recently sprung from that wretched KirdaXoss, occasionally breaking the silence to mock some horrid passage. She would scour the latest burst of schematics for a part to integrate into the 'Star, some new shield genny perhaps, or a cargo arm, or Ostrik catalyst.

There would be no shot scouring her hull, no bandits hunting her down, no political wack-jobs eager to blow her out of the sky.

"Captain?" Mendyk's tone summoned Lin away from her regrets.

Lin sighed. "You heard me. Turn this rig around, Mendyk; Steven, let's see how those new armaments hold up. Time to end this little chase once and for all."

She watched the Raptor fill the viewscreen. One way or another, she'd have a quiet moment after this: she just hoped it wasn't as burning debris littering the Kuiper belt.
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