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Title: The Red Cap
Fandom: Pokemon (... sort of.)
Rating: G
Warning: None
Summary: The red cap is here again. For [ profile] lrodell
Author's Note: OK. I know next to nothing about pokemon. So I kind of tried to subvert the prompt. :P All info gleaned from the Bulbapedia, and I make no promises as to its correctness. IDEK. I can't.

Fic request index

The Red Cap

The red cap is here again. Every day, on the grassy plains. At his footsteps, all the animals run, from the flying squirrels to the chikoritas.

Bulbasaur lays still and quiet, as his mother taught him to. His coloring and the bulb on his back leave him almost indistinguishable from the environs. He can hear the red cap stomping and shouting, see the distant flash of the red-orbs that steal away his friends.

His father was taken that way, mother tells him. Many bulbasaurs and ivysaurs and venusaurs live with creatures like the red cap, forced to serve, trained to forget all that they knew. Bulbasaur knows better than to speak to one of the red cap's pokemon. All they will tell him is lies, because that is all they know. And then they'll attack him, bite him and strike him and burn him, until he is too weak to fight the red cap, until he has to surrender to the red-orb.

Once, mother found father again, but he attacked her. She fought him off, but only just barely, and she was not well for a long time afterwards. Mother did not tell him this; one of the aunties did. But now Bulbasaur is afraid of the same thing happening to him. He's never seen his father, but he thinks he would know him. Somehow.

Or maybe seeing him would snap his father out of whatever strange spell the red cap's people hold him under?

The thought sends Bulbasaur to his feet even as the red cap comes closer. Mother gasps and tries to push him down, but it's too late. The red cap has seen them. The red cap barks and throws a red-orb, and a huge charizard appears. Bulbasaur squeaks and flees; fire ignites the air all around him, chars the edges of his bulb and blackens his scales. Bulbasaur drops to the ground, huddling and shivering.

And then mother is there, her sweet scent surrounding him, striking ferociously with her frenzy plant attack. She's strong, but Bulbasaur is afraid; charizards are ferocious and scary and his fire makes even mother's leaves singe. Her razor leaves whirl all around them, and the charizard is briefly driven back.

Then the red cap barks again and a mad look enters the charizard's eyes. Mother stumbles; Bulbasaur cries out and leaps forward, whipping his little vines at the charizard.

The charizard laughs and claws him aside.

Bulbasaur tumbles away, whimpering. But then mother is there again: this time she showers everything with her sleep powder. Bulbasaur is not immune. His eyelids grow heavy, and then he slumps down into the grass, silent and quiet.

When he wakes, the red cap is gone, and so is the charizard. But his mother is gone too, and he cries in the dark for her.

The aunties come and take him to their homes, warm him and cuddle him and quiet him. But in the morning he escapes, looking for the red cap. Bulbasaur will face him, and bring his mother back.
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