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Title: The Real Thing
Fandom: Mass Effect
Rating: PG
Warning: Spoilers through Priority: Rannoch; tooth-meltingly cheesy/schmoopy
Relationships: Female Shepard/Garrus Vakarian
Characters: Female Shepard, Garrus Vakarian, Joker, James Vega
Summary: Garrus is Up To Something.
Notes: Thanks so much to [personal profile] firstblush for letting me bounce this story off of her and suggesting some awesome tweaks. Remaining mistakes are mine alone.

The Real Thing (Mass Effect 3) )
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For some boggleworthy reason I have written something that could not possibly have come from my keyboard. It's so sappy I feel like vomiting but OH WELL. Also, while I do enjoy the occasional so-called "chick flick" I think it's kind of a testament to my lack of experience with them considering I had to google the best romantic movies/best romantic movie marriage proposals. And then, upon recognizing only one of them, gave up that idea entirely.

But that is not the REALLY important thing.

The really important thing is [personal profile] joasakura and I coming up with the image of James Vega, Sekrit Former Pole Dancer on Omega.

I don't know about you but the idea of that super buff delicious piece of beefcake grinding a pole totally hots my socks. WHY DO I HAVE SUCH WEIRD TASTES. I do not know.

(Important thing #2 - Apparently ethanol is not chiral and could be consumed by either dextro- or levo- beings. That explains a lot, like why Shepard and Garrus could share a bottle of wine. I wondered. There were forum posts that contemplated whether the drink might still be contaminated by proteins which do have chirality but we'll fudge it, won't we?)

This brought to you by me writing a fanfic instead of finishing a chapter of my novel which is what I meant to do when I sat down this evening.
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This is a really great podcast on Minnesota Public Radio of all places! Very interesting to hear the composers talk about their music/process, plus some random interesting facts about the game mixed in too.

... Also, this is sad, but even though I've got the soundtrack since I got the Collector's Edition, I barely listen to it because some of the tracks make me feel all T_T.

Damn this game! *FIST SHAKE*!
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No, really, I *am* going to buckle down and be good in a second. But first.

I know I am super damn slow but it took me till now to realize that broShep's face is not based on his voice actor's face. Now, I knew his face was based on Mark Vanderloo and I knew his voice actor was Mark Meer but *somehow* my brain did not put it together that these two were not one and the same.

Also I TOTALLY did not realize that Vanderloo was some famous Dutch model.

Which brings me to the "...HEY!" moment. How come broShep got a famous male model and femShep got... nothing?

I'm sure this has been discussed to death elsewhere, but as mentioned, I'm slow on the uptake :)
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Every once in a while I cruise by the Anders voice actor's twitter, because I am bored and he is funny. And I always get a kick out of his DA2 tweets. He's said before he hasn't played much DA2, but he always manages to please the fans. It's little touches like this one, where he says (spoilery stuff) and then uses "ser" instead of "sir."

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(the retweet was someone saying "justice will finally be served. FINALLY"--I don't think they meant the Fade spirit though ;P)

Also, this DA2 new year's card from @dragonage actually kind of creeps me out.
cut for screencap )

Yes yes, I do have work to do, I'm just not doing it. Brain struggling to get back from three day weekend.
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[profile] emilytarot, [personal profile] joasakura and I were recently talking about our various Hawkes, which got me thinking it would be fun for us to share our Hawkes! I know there's at least 2 other people who are playing DA2 out there... If you feel like, show me your Hawke(s)! Are you playing f!Hawke or m!Hawke? What's your headcanon for them?

My two Hawkes )
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Title: Stone Dread
Series: Doctor Who
Characters/Pairing: Amy, Rory, Eleven
Rating: G
Length: 1570
Summary: Amy and Rory find a stone hand in an alien bazaar--and then they blink...
Disclaimer: Just having fun--these characters don't belong to me, they belong to the BBC.
Notes: For [personal profile] myxstorie, her prize for winning my [community profile] help_japan auction! Thank you heartily to [personal profile] firstblush for the second pair of eyes.

Stone Dread (Doctor Who, G )


Jan. 13th, 2011 09:28 pm
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After a month and a half of obsessively picking at my novel, I've been feeling fanfic-y and wanting to stretch my writing muscles a bit. So I thought I'd put out an offer--the first five people who respond to this post with a fandom, character or pairing, and a prompt will get a fifteen minute ficlet. You can put any fandom you want, but if I don't know the fandom, it could be hilarity. I will also do ficlets for my original stories, if you know them.

Anyone interested? :)

Filled slots:
1. Akiko: ACB: Ezio meets Leonardo secretly while Leo is working for the Borgias.
2. Alice_montrose: Tarnished Armor, "This is my night long and cruel / Before the duel!"
3. Foxysquid: Ace Attorney: Diego/Phoenix; "the sailor and the storm".
4. Armistice_day: King of Salem, Sabin, "Ring the bell, close the book, quench the candle."
5. Emilytarot: Lie to Me, Loker and Ben, "Who stole my effin' Georgetown cupcake, you lie-detecting, sweet-stealing bastards."
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Via Mad Docs:

For the next five nights at 22.45 (BST) David Tennant will be reading classic vampire stories on Radio 4.

(In case that gets bumped as time goes by, D compiled a list of eps with links to the players here.)

I confess, I have bought audio books solely because David Tennant was reading them--I love audio books, but a bad reader can kill the whole thing for me (eg the American Harry Potter audio books; I just didn't care for the reader and his Hermione voice made me cringe). Mr Tennant does a great job, with voices and everything; I think my faves were the How to Train Your Dragon books.
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I was going to post this after brunch but since I've got lots of time before... here is the Halloween treat I've been promising. Die Booth and I have conspired to bring you a new collection of short stories, art, links and miscellany revisiting the old monster myths. We're both horror fans but are not fans of sparkly vampires and love-struck emo werebeings, so we've decided to reclaim the genre in a way all our own!



We're launching with part 1 of two horror stories re-envisioning the Vampire. Please come enjoy two spooky stories in the spirit of Halloween, and friend our journal for future updates if you like :)

Happy Halloween!
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Ahahah what, Aidan Turner is playing Kili in the Hobbit???

*dies of the giggles*

Then again, the guy playing Thorin is HAWT.

WAIT. WHAT KIND OF DWARVES ARE THESE? CW DWARVES???! Super hot, pouty-lipped, wind-blowing-in-their-hair dwarves? I mean, they ARE going to give them beards, aren't they?

(forgive me if you already knew this, but I'm pretty behind.

On the other hand, I totally adore the idea of Martin Freeman as Bilbo. NOT THAT I HAVE A CRUSH ON HIM AS WATSON OR ANYTHING T____T )
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Title: Adrenaline Rush
Series: Doctor Who
Characters/Pairing: Martha, Jack, Mickey
Rating: G
Length: 461
Summary: Martha doth protest too much.
Notes: This is vaguely set in a post-Beyond-the-Yellow-Brick-Road world, where Jack, Mickey and Martha have taken up travelling together. Written for the Awesome Bingo™ that foxysquidalso and I are doing. Prompt: "Adrenaline Rush."

Adrenaline Rush (Doctor Who, G) )
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A meme, via [personal profile] firstblush! I've done this before, but I always enjoy it.

The first five people to comment in this post get to request that I write a drabble of any pairing/character of their choosing. In return, they have to post this in their journal, regardless of their ability level. (If you absolutely can't write, maybe find a creative alternative?)
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Title: Handyman
Series: Doctor Who
Characters/Pairing: Shaun/Donna
Rating: G
Length: 5000
Summary: Donna's begun having terrible headaches, and Shaun struggles to help her.
Spoilers: Through EoT II
Notes: This is probably as close as I'll ever get to my Donna-fixit fic! Written for the Awesome Bingo™ that [personal profile] foxysquidalso and I are doing. Prompt: "heartbreak."

Handyman (Doctor Who, G) )
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Spent most of the weekend trying to get it together on the Ycon Program book since that's due to the printers' soon, but I did manage to jot down this totally quick, spur-of-the-moment Lost fic. It's sort of bonus fic for the Awesome Bingo™ that Foxysquidalso and I are doing, since I'm trying to stick with Doctor Who for that, and I do have Whofic in progress for this prompt. But this little mini-fic just jumped up and bit me, and I haven't been able to write fic in so long, that was a welcome thing.

Title: Heartbreaker
Series: Lost
Characters/Pairing: Juliet/Sawyer
Rating: G
Length: 639
Spoilers: through the beginning of Season 6
Summary: Juliet always knew he was a heartbreaker.
Notes: Bonus fic of sorts for Awesome Bingo™, prompt "heartbreak." Quite possibly the sappiest thing I've written in a while.

Heartbreaker (Lost, G) )
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So apparently now that I have overcome massive work hurdle #1, I feel compelled to take on a jillion new projects in order to feel less lost. So! In addition to the Awesome Bingo I'm doing with la Foxysquidalso, and the Hurt/Comfort Bingo story I'm doing for Better With Three, and the Ycon Program Book layout, I'm also now signed up to [community profile] origfic_bingo AND doing some sekrit project-ing with a super awesome writer pal. Oh! And I've picked up The Red Box again. <3

For my own reference and your amusement, my Original Fic Bingo card:
Read more... )

A project-overloaded me is a happy me, I suppose. Until I have a meltdown.

Also: we have power again. YAAAAAAAY! *happy dance*
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Things have been so overwhelming lately that in my downtime I pretty much watch TV and nothing else. I haven't been reading, haven't written a word, and if I pause long enough to think I just get neurotic and bad so I don't.

Finally finished watching Lost though. cut for spoilers )


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