Jul. 9th, 2012 04:45 pm
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Ok. Calling ME and non-ME fans alike. You must tell me if I am really stupid because I feel pretty stupid right now.

There is this dialogue, right? Between Cortez and Vega. Arguing about the Mako vs. the Hammerhead (two infantry fighting vehicles for the non ME fans).

You know. This one:

if you haven't seen it yet, watch it and then tell me if you react the same way I did below. )
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So the Extended Cut DLC comes out tomorrow and. It's weird. When they first announced it I was excited and hopeful and actually optimistic. But as time has passed my feelings have taken a turn downwards.

cut because I will likely get spoilery )
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For some boggleworthy reason I have written something that could not possibly have come from my keyboard. It's so sappy I feel like vomiting but OH WELL. Also, while I do enjoy the occasional so-called "chick flick" I think it's kind of a testament to my lack of experience with them considering I had to google the best romantic movies/best romantic movie marriage proposals. And then, upon recognizing only one of them, gave up that idea entirely.

But that is not the REALLY important thing.

The really important thing is [personal profile] joasakura and I coming up with the image of James Vega, Sekrit Former Pole Dancer on Omega.

I don't know about you but the idea of that super buff delicious piece of beefcake grinding a pole totally hots my socks. WHY DO I HAVE SUCH WEIRD TASTES. I do not know.

(Important thing #2 - Apparently ethanol is not chiral and could be consumed by either dextro- or levo- beings. That explains a lot, like why Shepard and Garrus could share a bottle of wine. I wondered. There were forum posts that contemplated whether the drink might still be contaminated by proteins which do have chirality but we'll fudge it, won't we?)

This brought to you by me writing a fanfic instead of finishing a chapter of my novel which is what I meant to do when I sat down this evening.
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Every once in a while I cruise by the Anders voice actor's twitter, because I am bored and he is funny. And I always get a kick out of his DA2 tweets. He's said before he hasn't played much DA2, but he always manages to please the fans. It's little touches like this one, where he says (spoilery stuff) and then uses "ser" instead of "sir."

cut for screencap )
(the retweet was someone saying "justice will finally be served. FINALLY"--I don't think they meant the Fade spirit though ;P)

Also, this DA2 new year's card from @dragonage actually kind of creeps me out.
cut for screencap )

Yes yes, I do have work to do, I'm just not doing it. Brain struggling to get back from three day weekend.
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[profile] emilytarot, [personal profile] joasakura and I were recently talking about our various Hawkes, which got me thinking it would be fun for us to share our Hawkes! I know there's at least 2 other people who are playing DA2 out there... If you feel like, show me your Hawke(s)! Are you playing f!Hawke or m!Hawke? What's your headcanon for them?

My two Hawkes )


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