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2012-06-10 12:18 am

[fic] [request] That Which We Call a Rose (Mass Effect 3 MP Sillyfic)

I'm really only posting this for completionist's sake, as I don't know if it'll mean anything to anyone not in my multiplayer group, but it was on my request list, so here it goes. If you're familiar with the world of ME you may enjoy it just as silly fic, but really, it's just for my Brogans.

And phew, with that, requests done and--I think I'll just try to focus on finishing "Exit Wound" (the Garrus finds a way home post-game fic that's been dragging out for ages) and revising "The Red Box."

Title: That Which We Call a Rose
Fandom: Mass Effect 3
Rating: G
Warning: Silly Fic
Summary: What's in a name, the drell asks. What's in a name, indeed. For [ profile] firstblush, [ profile] joasakura and [ profile] ebeda.

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